Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Moose River Grouse Dog Club in WI.

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New Cover Dog Field Trial Club—please join us

We’re pleased to announce the formation of the Moose River Grouse Dog Club with trial grounds near Solon Springs, WI.

The Moose River Grouse Dog Club is established for the purpose of improving pointing grouse dogs, particularly by holding field trials to test the qualities of dogs competing on grouse and woodcock. Other objectives are the promotion of good fellowship among sportsmen, a greater refinement in the use of dog and gun, and to increase interest in promoting the early succession stages of forest growth, the habitat type necessary for Ruffed Grouse and other woodland species.

Officers are Chairman and Secretary
Mary-Beth Esser, Oconomowoc WI
Vice- Chairman Paul Cook, Danbury WI
Treasurer John LeClair, River Falls WI
Director Mike Jacobson, New Richmond WI
Director Jeff Banitt, Cannon Falls MN
Director Sigmund Degitz, Hawthorn WI

We have 5 courses currently marked and GPS’d with one of them cleared. Much drumming and flushing of both grouse and woodcock have occurred during course work. Our tentative plan is to have a trial the weekend of November 1.

We’d appreciate the support of the field trial community in the form of membership and any assistance you can offer with club activities. Yearly dues are $30. Checks can be made to payable to Moose River Grouse Dog Club and sent to
John LeClair
W10282 CTH FF
River Falls, WI 54022.

We welcome help clearing courses. Our next work day is Saturday, July 19th. If you have questions please give me a call at 262-567-8176.

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llewellinsetter said...

i would love to join your club since i have a year old english setter from grouse ridge kennels she is an excellent little dog and shows great promise as to being an amazing hunter she is whoa trained retrieves sit stay come heel steady to wing shot fall holds point finds shot dead and wounded birds i wanna get into field trials with her i trained her myself with my father you club seems like the way to do it unfortunitely i live like a million miles away in ny and can not get out to where you are located but still keep up the good work the world needs more people like you guys who are preserving grouse habitat